Saturday, 10 July 2010

Time to move on.

After me and blogger falling out for a few weeks, I have been inspired by my fellow crafty friends to restart blogging. I didn't think I could do it as I had fallen out of love! Blogger played up big time and I had finished with with him! I refuse to messed around by a bad tempered piece of software! Pah! Well, typically I have given in! We have made up and I'm moving on, allowing blogger to become part of my life again.  I tell you though, one more dose of the funny business and he can forget it. I'll be moving to the other side!!! Blogger you have been warned!


Kathyk said...

WELCOME BACK! We missed ya!!!


Lauren Hatwell said...

Its good to have you back Rosie. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has missed your blogging and I'm so glad you've decided to give him another chance.

Lauren x

Louise said...

glad you are back blogging again- I have missed seeing your fab creations.

Craftyrose said...

Thank you all for your inspiring comments! xx

Katiejane said...

Awww bless ya Rosie, wishing you success!
Katie x