Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I want to improve my colouring skills.

I have recently been taking Alyce Keegans copic colouring class. She is an absoloute inspiration. I first took the whimsy class before then moving on to the skin and hair class and I love it. So much information and so much to learn and it has helped me to look at images in a different light literally! Who would have thought light source would be so complicated! So I made this card from one of Alyce's classes and it went off to a lovely friend over in Bristol. i was pretty proud of it and so that's why it went over to someone very special, who is a princess in her own right. xxxx She knows who she is!!

It took an absolute age to make, especially the colouring, but I just hope that she liked it! xx My colouring still needs a lot of work but I'm much more mindful of where I put my darks and lights and why!


Sandra H said...

Ooooh this is truly beautiful and so creative l think your colouring is stunning x

Kathyk said...

Frankly my dear, she didn't like it .... she LOVED IT!!! Thanks so much.

Your colouring is ALWAYS fab to my mind

Have a great weekend


Louise Wright said...

WOW! that is a great card and I bet Kathy LOVED it.
Your colouring is amazing!
Thanks so much for my card. It is incredible. Love that image xxx