Sunday, 10 May 2015

Two little makes this weekend.

I have so many stamps and papers they are coming out of my ears! Thought it was about time that I had a play with them as I was seriously contemplating giving it up. I rarely get time to do it and am not always pleased with what I do, but thanks to some friends lovely comments and a bit of a pep talk I have decided that I should carry on with it, but somehow make time for it, order it and set myself little goals. There are so many tempting things to buy out there, but I/we don't need it! I'm listening to my inner self and I know I love colouring so ink pieces of art aren't me. I don't do CAS, not because I don't like it, I do, some people do magnificent work that's stunning, but it's not what I do best, in fact it's never done well by's not in my skill set!

 I have been beating myself up a little that other people have moved on in their crafting journey and I haven't, I'm where I am, I just love creating with copics and promarkers and that's it! I have inks, watercolours, h2os, pencils, distress inks, the works....but again I'm never pleased with what I my crossroads was met...stop and go back , turn left down the sewing/knitting aisle, right down the paint and ink aisle or straight on down the copics aisle. I'm opting for straight on,on the straight road, doing the colouring that I enjoy with the pretty embellishments, sometimes over done, that I enjoy and stay focussed on that road until my colouring is perfect and I no longer cut wonky edges!
I just hope I have made the right choice.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Load on the flowers.

Another fortnight passed by! This week over at Di's the theme is load on the flowers. I'm off out in a mo, so back later x
Oh no I have just noticed a peel off trying to escape!