Saturday, 6 December 2008

Forever friends

Just can't get enough of these little bears!

Gosh, where has the week gone! I just seem to be snowed under with work and so little time! Still have managed to get a few cards in and have to say that I have been disapointed with the shop bought cards that have darkened my letter box! I know that's so ungrateful and I should think it wonderful that people send me them but the quality of the cards is shocking and they just seem very bland............Hand crafted cards are just so beautiful and I love them!..........


Clare said...

You've done a great job with these little bears! I just love them and the cards you have created. And just wait and see what Forever Friends have lined up for uou in the New Year! Very exciting!

love, Clare x

Marcea said...

I love these - wow, I adore the lilac/pink one. I am as mad about these little guys as you are I think. Gorgeous cards sweetie - thanks for stopping by my blog earlier