Monday, 5 January 2009

Back to work for a whole week!!

Well, it was back to work properly for me today and the little loves were full of life. When asking a child what Santa brought him, he replied quite sternly " I can't remember, can I?" He then added later " Oh, I remember now Rosie, I had chocolate, lots of it and I ate it all" Yep that's Christmas for you!! There's been lots of talk today from them about how they missed their friends over Christmas and they were pleased to see each other. Two minutes later order was restored and the usual cries of " He threw sand at me" " I was playing with that" and " I'm not playing THAT" filtered across the nursery.............looks like tomorrow we shall have to review our planning and talk about friends, how to make them, look after them and not aggravate them!!!!!

With this in mind I have made a card to share. This one is also for all of you, my lovely blogging friends........................and I'm nearly 4 and I know how to share, so there!! xxxxxxxxxxx


Wendy said...

lOve this card Rose, cheered me up pn this cold morning with all the bright colours.

Andria said...

Hi, it's lovely i love that image and it's very bright and cheery.