Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A new award!

Wowee, I had a lovely surprise today and that was this lovely award from dear Emma What a pretty award it is too. Now I have the pleasure of awarding it to five more lovely bloggers and these are:
Pinky and


Karen said...

Hi Rosie

Thank you very much for my award, what a nice surprise that was. I've had quick look at your blog and what I've seen is lovely. I've put you in favs, so will have a good look around it tomorrow.

Thanks again. xx

sharon said...

Thank you so much Rosie and thank you for your sweet comments, they mean a lot!xxx

pinky said...

Rosie, thank you so much for choosing me for this award. I'm so chuffed. Thanks so much.

Wendy said...

Thanks Rosie, You are right it is pretty

Andria said...

Oh wow, thanks Rosie, thats a lovely supprise. It's always encouraging to know that other people like your work as I always have doubts about it. It motivates me to do more and my confidence has grown since I started my blog.