Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Teresa's card from me.

I still continue to send my friend Teresa a card every month...well most months as to be honest it's been a bit hectic since Christmas. Here I have used an image form the Jayne Netley-Mayhew cdrom. The challenge Teresa set us was to use animals. As Teresa loves her chickens here's the one I sent ot her!. x


Debbie x said...

love the flowers on the card! is this the first or second cd as another one is coming/has come out x

Craftyrose said...

Hi Debbie this is the first cd!xx

Dulcie said...

Aww this is lovely! I know people who also have chickens, they would love this card too! I like the way you've matched the colours on the rooster with the background papers :-) Thanks for your comment about the WOXS article - I didn't realise it was out yet so must get hold of a copy!! Dulcie xx