Saturday, 5 April 2014


I have been feeling somewhat nostalgic in my old age and have had a go at some restoration projects recently!
Before                                                                           After                                                                                                       

   I have re-styled and conditioned the hair and knitted the outfit for this one.

Next up this one has had  all of her new hair sewn in plug by plug by me as well as the tiny eyelashes. I almost gave up I confess as this one took me ages and gave me very sore fingers! But her face has changed so much now she has all of her lashes!


The next one had a broken leg, so I fixed her by restringing the body, so now she works again and the hair was all matted, so I have fixed this too.
And finally this one had blue dyed hair and wasn't in a good state as she looked like this. So I sorted out the hair and made her a new dress and now................

 she looks like this.

So you may be thinking I have gone completely mad in my old age, but actually it's quite therapeutic seeing things that would have been probably thrown away being given new life and I've really enjoyed creating. It's a bit of a change from card making but I'm enjoying it for now!


Kathyk said...

Well done you on making your long neglected dolls fit for years more loving attention.


Katie Berberich said...

Oh my gosh Rosie, these are amazing! How clever of you to restore them and so very well! I just adore the knitted dress and the new hair? Wow, that's an extreme makeover.
When I was back home I bought a doll dress-up form in a charity shop. I've not ventured into it yet, but now I'm very inspired. So thank you.
Such a triumph sweetie.
Katie x