Sunday, 10 May 2015

Two little makes this weekend.

I have so many stamps and papers they are coming out of my ears! Thought it was about time that I had a play with them as I was seriously contemplating giving it up. I rarely get time to do it and am not always pleased with what I do, but thanks to some friends lovely comments and a bit of a pep talk I have decided that I should carry on with it, but somehow make time for it, order it and set myself little goals. There are so many tempting things to buy out there, but I/we don't need it! I'm listening to my inner self and I know I love colouring so ink pieces of art aren't me. I don't do CAS, not because I don't like it, I do, some people do magnificent work that's stunning, but it's not what I do best, in fact it's never done well by's not in my skill set!

 I have been beating myself up a little that other people have moved on in their crafting journey and I haven't, I'm where I am, I just love creating with copics and promarkers and that's it! I have inks, watercolours, h2os, pencils, distress inks, the works....but again I'm never pleased with what I my crossroads was met...stop and go back , turn left down the sewing/knitting aisle, right down the paint and ink aisle or straight on down the copics aisle. I'm opting for straight on,on the straight road, doing the colouring that I enjoy with the pretty embellishments, sometimes over done, that I enjoy and stay focussed on that road until my colouring is perfect and I no longer cut wonky edges!
I just hope I have made the right choice.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Wow! You haven't lost your touch Miss Rosie. These are absolutely gorgeous. Lx

Clare Lloyd said...

they are both beautiful cards rosie.

Debs M said...

wow 2 gorgeous cards x

Kathyk said...

Maybe you just need to de-clutter your supplies of the stuff too far removed from your comfort zone, Rosie. That will leave you happy with everything left. We all do different things well and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being happy doing something well - isn't that why most of us got crafting in the first place?, because it makes us HAPPY.

Life's too short to faff around with techniques and/or supplies you don't feel comfy using.

Take a step backwards and make yourself happier but, DON'T GIVE UP, you are too cool a crafter!


Marilyn said...

I love these cards and your colouring is gorgeous. I especially love the little Asian girl card.
Listen, I read where you fell like 'you haven't moved on' with your crafting whereas I think you in fact have found your niche and are exactly where you belong so for forget those thoughts. Sometimes we are where we belong but we don't always know it.
Keep doin' what you're doin' because it's gorgeous.

Craftdee said...

This post really resonated with me Rosie; I uttered practically the same words yesterday, for the umpteenth time, "should" featured a lot... you know "I SHOULD try distress inks/no lines/mixed media...." "I SHOULD use up some of the embellies in my HUMUNGOUS stash" "I SHOULD sort out/throw out/give away MOST of the paper I've got that I'll NEVER use" "I SHOULD leave this cardmaking lark to those that can do it better/quicker/easier more frequently than me" Sooooo I want to say DON'T you DARE give it up, your work is too fine, I love your style - and would hate to see less of "my sort of card"s out there :-)) These couple of cards, like all the rest of the stuff I've had time (sigh) to check out today - and the as yet known only to a select few Di's Digis card ;-) are fine examples of LOVELY cards. See ya, Donna xx