Monday, 29 December 2008

Another fab award!

I would just like to take a minute to thank the lovely Andria for this award she has been kind enough to give me. It has some rules attached to it which are as follows:
Link to whoever gave you the award (Andria) and pass it on and link to 5 others...... You also have to write down five things that you are addicted to.

Ok here goes:
1. I have to put cardmaking first as this is where I seem to spend most of my time and money! I also like scrapbooking but cardmaking always comes first! I love stamping and have amassed quite a large amount of stash but it really can't get much bigger as we live in a very small house! It's such a great rewarding and engrossing hobby to have and has enabled me to make some great frinds along the way, especially my lovely blogging friends!

2. Facebook. When not cardmaking it seems that really my addiction to facebook is pretty bad! It also goes hand in hand with my blogging and my blogging friends, so actually maybe i should have put number two as my computer!!

3. Cross stitch. I have an equally large stash of cross stitch and my cardmaking is an extension of this. I have made a massive amount of pictures and cards over the years but my only quibble with it is that it takes too long to produce beautiful pieces! I'm quite a slow stitcher.

4. Animals and family!! I am a real animal lover except for snakes and lizards. I think I like life's little furry friends to cuddle! Not that my hubby is covered in fur?????!!

5. Reading!! I absolutely adore reading! Anything and everything!!

I now have to link up to five more lovely bloggers. These are:

1. Tracy

2. Wendy

3. Clare

I have two spaces left! Please take it if you do not already have it! xxx

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tracy said...

Hi Rosie
Well I don't know what to say, I am over the moon I feel very privilegde to have receieved this.
thank you so much xxxx
Just have to work how to put it on my blog now I really can't believe only been doing this just before christmas its like christmas has come all over again lol.
Could you tell me do I have to do the same as you did give the award to 5 more people sorry as this is all new to me.
tracy xxxxx