Saturday, 24 November 2012


Morning all, what a horrid, horrid day here and the flooding has been terrible. It's been scary walking to work and seeing how high and fast the river Avon has got and how many people have been affected by it bursting its banks in places. My friend who lives at the bottom of our road has sandbags outside her house because the water level has risen so badly across the road and the drains cannot cope with the sheer volume of water, even hubby had difficulty making it home as the road leading up to our house was covered with deep water. We have also been carefully watching our back garden as the water cannot drain away effectively  and it has reached almost the top of our kitchen step, ironic considering that we live on a hill! Unfortunately one man lost his life and I am thankful that my brother made it back from the place where this happened in one piece. My thoughts are with all the people who have had their properties flooded and I hope tonight will not be as bad as they say it will be. We've been advised to brace ourselves!


Kathyk said...

Must have been worrying for you till hubby showed up safe - thank heavens.

Be careful if you have to go out today matey - I've been thinking of you as I've been watching the news. Is that landslip close to where you are?

Stay safe and well


Craftyrose said...

The landslip is near to my parents house Kathy and where I used to walk as a child. There was a landslide back in 1889 just below camden where the latest one happened. Hedgemead park now stands where those houses were. I'm just thankful nobody was hurt. I understand we're also due more of the same over the next few days. Has it affected you much?

Craftyrose said...

Oh and I'm not going anywhere today!!
Crafting for me it's safer!!

Sandra H said...

Oh it's been terrible hopefully it will stop take care x

Louise said...

Hope things have improved this weekend. No flooding at our house but last week it was a nightmare getting to and from uni as the roads were flooded and/or shut. Lets hope things this coming week are better. Tk care x

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